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From Sweden with Love

The Eagles is an intimate resort imported from Sweden with care into one of the most gorgeous valleys in Vermont along the Mad River.

From start to finish these modular homes were constructed in Sweden to the highest building standards, an early trendsetter in tight, especially well insulated homes reflected in today's insulated concrete form technology being broadly adapted stateside.

But being well built is just part of the appeal. It's the Swedish taste and design integrity that really call out to anyone purchasing or visiting. Style counts. Scandanavian style brings light, airiness, simplicity and wonderfully comfortable layouts. Symmetrical cedar: shingle roofs and aromatic cedar saunas. Even the resort layout, centered around the stone fireplace clubhouse, pool and tennis court is art. Northland comfort awaits.

The architecture and atmosphere create the perfect escape wherever you are coming from. Drop some strawberries into your champagne after a swim in the pool or telemark Mad River Glen and cap it all off with a sauna. The Eagles Resort brings new meaning to fun, privacy and relaxation.

Purchase your own week or a number of weeks and establish your own piece

of paradise in the Mad River Valley or just rent a week or two for a dry run by calling 1-802-496-5700

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